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Topics: French and Indian War, Iroquois, American Revolutionary War Pages: 4 (797 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Elizabeth Oswald October 14, 2014
History 103 Prof. Barkan
Berleth, Richard. Bloody Mohawk The French and Indian War & American Revolution on New York’s Frontier. New York: Delmar. 2010. Print. 370.

Book Review
Richard Berleth, a native to New York received his Ph. D. in 1970 from Rutgers University in English literature. He won an award for Bloody Mohawk as an Independent Publisher. Berleths’ other books consist of The Twilight Lords: An Irish Chronicle, Samuel’s Choice, Mary Patten, and The Orphan Stone: The Minnesinger Dream of Reich. His books are mostly nonfiction and youth fiction. The audience he appeals to ranges from scholars to children. His purpose in writing this book may be to consume the reader in to the real history of wars and civilization between the Europeans and Native Americans. Bloody Mohawk; is a fiction novel that consumes people whether scholars or Historians to read about the Native Americans that lived here in the Mohawk River Valley to the time the Europeans came and ravished all that the Native Americans had built for themselves in their tribes. The cover of the book is a picture of the French and Indian War, it is the Battle of Oriskany. The picture itself catches the eye and the summary on the back cover is nothing but intriguing to pull the reader in.

As you flip open to the introduction of the book, Berleth put a map of New York State where the frontier would have been driven back from the Stanwix Treaty line to the borders of Schenectady by the near of the revolution. In the map he marks off the battle sites along the Mohawk River. Berleth considers the battles of Saratoga, Oriskany, Fort Stanwix, and Bennington to be “only a moment in a far more complicated history (1).” As the introduction unfolds in to the chapters of the book, Berleth; writes about the before and after of the Revolution, what leads up to the Revolution, and about the tribes in slight detail but enough to get the reader to ask...
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