English and Spanish Motivations for Colonization

Topics: England, Chile, Irish people Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: October 3, 2007
The English and Spanish had numerous motivations for colonization and conquests of the New World which were very similar, yet different at times. England seemed to be overpopulating and the English were in the need for more land, the ‘non-believers' and others had to deal with religious persecution from the Church of England, and persons such as John Smith went for individual glory. The Spanish on the other hand were after gold and Peru-silver from, they had a certain rivalry with the English which is why they were after collective glory, and they wanted to restore Catholicism anywhere and everywhere. Through these differences, both were after wealth and riches, titles such as "sir" or favors like disregarding assured debts, new primogeniture spices, and Nationalism and Glory.

Overpopulation was becoming a problem at that time and many farmers were having their lands enclosed presenting an underlying issue along with the concerns of primogeniture. It left many with no jobs and no ways of income making it compulsory to look for new means of profit. Some of the English people were atheists and some did not follow the Church of England; they were prosecuted and unwanted which caused them to depart in search of a place where they could follow their own religion. John Smith was one of the few military leaders that took on the conquest and he went because of the simplest of reasons, he was an adventurous man looking for something of this sort that would give him individual glory, and in addition he was paid to go. Tobacco was another motivation.

At the time, the Spanish were glorious in many discoveries and they developed to a large and impressively successful empire however the English were also closing in and on their heels. Gold and silver were the chief concerns of the Spanish. They had heard stories of the Aztecs and Incas with cities of gold. Looking for new spices and new methods, the Spanish wanted to find closer routes to India and Asia. Catholicism was a...
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