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Coventry taxi fares to rise by a quarter
Sep.03, 2014 16:47
By Nkemdilim Odogwu
Commuters are in for a big shock after cab drivers believe that they will cover their costs

Taxis (Odogwu 2014)
Futuristically in Coventry taxi fares will increase by 25 percent from the end of September This rise was approved by the Coventry City Council on the 2nd September after the cab drivers complained that they wanted a better deal to cover their costs Journeys will be charged at 25p for every 48 seconds or every tenth of a mile which is far from the previous rate of 20p The average price of 2.80 on arrival and 3.60 at night will be frozen, but the distance the taxi will travel before the meters ticks will be decreased by a quarter to half a mile The Council Officials advised the driver should shorten the distance travelled before the meter kicks in. Rachel Lancaster, Cabinet member for public services, supported the earlier prices by deciding that there will be 25 percent increase in the rest of the journey The journey will increase from £5.40 to £6.30 in the day and £7.80 to £9 in the evening. On public holidays the fee £3.90 will be the same but the price will increase from 35p from 30p This was agreed by Lanchester Cabinet member for public services said, “Having listened to I`m willing to increase the 20p to 25p” This is the first rise of taxi fares since 2008 and this increase in cab will come into effect on September 29 Samuel Odogwu said that the taxi increase will hamper some students from travelling and some will find it normal. Samuel is not particularly happy about the increase and this was also supported by Chuka Nwoko who said that it will greatly affect students that are travelling to different because the some of them might not have enough money and some of the students might feel indifferent about the increase For more correspondence please contact Samuel Odogwu (07533938495) and Chuka Nwoko (07407097128)
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