English 1301 Argumentative Essay

Topics: Computer, Personal health record, Communication Pages: 5 (1258 words) Published: December 1, 2014
McDonald 1
Justin McDonald
In this current gen, it’s almost impossible to imagine that someone can live without computers. Computers have become an electronic device used almost daily and used from individuals of every age. When someone is looking up a question that can’t be answered by themselves or anyone else around, who do you ask? Answering he/she question or oneself can only get easier by just accessing a computer. Having access to the computer will bring you access to the internet which has all the questions and information one might ask for. “Computers are used in education for a variety of purposes. Students benefit from using them as tools and resources for gathering information” (Barrus). This shows how technology itself has been proven to be worthy of aiding society over time. Computers have been a huge beneficial factor towards society advancing in education, health, and communication. And what brings this technology to life is society. “Society” the first thought that comes to mind when heard or seen, is a group of people within a community. Society itself is what brings technology to excel such as the computer. Within a society you’re going to have citizens (people) who make up the society. That being said there will be people out there who’s interested in innovation; new ideas and new inventions. “Businesses have been transformed as well, and computers are found in corporations, factories, doctor's offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, retail and commercial enterprises; literally every concern in every country uses computers” (Barrus) this shows how widely computers are used. To be more specific, computers have beneficially advanced education, health and communications.  Computers allows learners to learn modern tools and knowledge that will make him or her ready for technological changes for the near future. Education has been assisted through computers, by computers readily available and constant up to date information. Computers are used in different fields of education to be in particular teaching, they’re used in elementary, high-schools, colleges and Universities. While teaching the young learners having computers around are very advantageous. Having the computers around would be an attention grabber, allowing kids to be more attentive and showing participation. The internet gives students access to retain educational information from even around the world, thus making the world a classroom. This gives the student a chance to have different ideas, learnings and knowledge coming from abroad. Even teaching from two different places at different times are possible just by having internet access. Computers also aid teachers “Teachers use them as tools as well, to help gather student achievement data, or compile teaching activities and resources for their students”(Barrus) This technology allows teachers to reach as well as teach from afar. Making use of computer technology will allow the teachers to enhance their teaching style that could possibly enhance the knowledge of students. Health is another category computers fit in that’s beneficial to society. Computer has evolved in many ways allowing doctors to see inside their patient’s body, making routine, and medical procedures more simple and accurate. Computer related items such as heart monitors, pulse measurers, MRI machines and an entire of other medical equipment have been made possible through computers. Keeping people alive while at the hospital is also a factor computers contribute in. Transfer of phone calls, fill out form, and the gathering of information is all considered to be useful to health care. In particular ADTM and PHR are just a few main computer related traits towards the health care field. For example, telephone care is one way to help diabetics with their condition. Automated telephone disease management systems also known as ATDM is computer related known to help aid health care. ATDM "use...
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