What I Have Learned in Logic and Design Class

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“What I Have Learned in My Computer Logic & Design Class”

Introduction To Computer Programming

August 28, 2010

I have learned many things from this class as it relates to computer programming. There are a few areas covered in this course by either the text or in our weekly class discussions about computers and computer programming that stood out to me. This paper is broken up into two discussions. The first part will cover general ideas and skills involved with computers and computer programming. The second part of my paper will go over some topics covered in the text for the class. Some areas that were discussed are as follows: Logic and Decision Structures, Using Repetition Structures, Checking user input for errors and lastly, Using Arrays for more Advanced Programs.

The first concept that is realized is that computers are a part of our lives whether we like it or not. This electronic wonder we call the computer has evolved over time and has touched almost every facet of our society. Mankind has put so much emphasis on the computer evolution that we are becoming a planet of technology-craving consumers.

An example is the Apple Corporation's IPhone and IPad. Consumers go to great lengths to have the latest computer-driven technologically advanced devices. We as a society have succumbed to the need for instant information that we get from the speed of computing devices. Only a short time ago a dial up modem was opening a new world to us by way of a thing called the internet. The computer has become a way to explore our world and expand our dreams and even extend our lives. The computer has become so much a part of our lives that the children of today and the generations of tomorrow do not know, and will never know what life would be like without a computer.

Many people due to this computer evolution have decided to become computer programmers and have pursued the skills and schooling to do this type of work. In my opinion, in order to seek a computer programming profession and become a good programmer they should have good problem solving skills. There are several qualities that a programmer needs to stand out in the field.

A programmer should possess good problem solving skills. Some other abilities a good programmer should have are top down thinking skills, object-oriented language thinking skills, an attention to detail, ability to test, dedication to documentation and a little patience. Good problem solving skills is probably one of the more important traits to have to be a good programmer. There are several important traits a computer programmer should have that complement the skills and tasks that are involved in doing this type of work.

Since most aspects of life today are intertwined with numerous types of computers this leads way to what is it that makes these computers work they way they do. There is the physical electronic architecture and design of computers that can vary depending on their use but the program itself is what makes the computers function the way they do. Since the software is a very significant part of the computer in order to have a computer operate and function based on its purpose, a carefully designed program is needed.

Two important steps to designing a program are; understanding the task the program is to perform and determining the steps that must be taken to perform the task. To accomplish these, it is important to interview the customer to gather information on the requirements that will be expected from the program. Creating an algorithm, which is a well-defined set of steps, must be done to perform the task. The use of flowcharts and pseudo code will aid in the outlining of a preliminary program to be written.  Without following these steps it is likely that a substandard program will be written which would reflect in a poor use of time and resources.

The last topic I will talk about in this...

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