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ENGL 3000: Working Paper #1


QUESTION #2.   10 points.
Please read “Introduction:  Who’s There?” in Virtual Shakespeare, pp. vi-ix.   BEFORE YOU WRITE:  Think over your response to some of the statements, views, and opinions presented by the authors, R L Widmann and Jesse Stommel.    Select one or two statements that you think you might use as a touchstone In your study of Shakespeare in English 3000 this semester.

IN YOUR ANSWER:  Quote one point or topic or statement (which may be longer than one sentence) that you think will (potentially) be helpful or provocative in your analyzing Shakespeare this semester.   Be sure to quote the entire passage and give page #.  Then BRIEFLY say why you have chosen that point. Length of answer: quotation and TWO sentences maximum explaining your choice.

QUESTION 3.   10 points.   
10 points for 3a. or  3b.
QUESTION 3a.          You are assigned to stage Romeo and Juliet in a live production. You have an unlimited budget and the ability to cast any actor in the world. Before you write your answer, consider these aspects: what setting (time and place) would you choose? which *audience are you trying to attract, would you cut any lines or scenes (if so, which ones), and what focus or messages would you be trying to convey to your audience. IN YOUR ANSWER:   identify the setting (=time period and geographic location) that you would choose for your production. Please be specific.  Say “Rome 1870s” or “Seattle 2020” and not "Italy 19th Century" or "USA the near future".  In your answer, explain why you have chosen the time period and the specific geographical location.     Be specific. Length of answer: at least one whole sentence with clever adjectives in it and up to one paragraph maximum.  (Written of course in a lively and witty style.  Which will make reading your answers a delight.)


QUESTION 3b.  Reflect upon the games you are currently playing or have played within the last couple of years.  Please choose 3 of those game characters, including naming the game in which they appear, and explain why each one of those 3 characters is very like 3 of the following:  Juliet, Romeo, Tybalt, Mercutio, Benvolio, County Paris, Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet.    Be specific. Length of answer—three separate sentences maximum, one sentence per character in game and in Shakespeare's play for each of your 3 sentences.

Act Three, Scene One. The Death of Mercutio in comparison with “Queen Mab” scene in Act One, Scene Four. QUESTION 4.  10 points.
Please watch and re-watch two clips from the Baz Luhrmann, Romeo + Juliet, the “Queen Mab” speech   and the death of Mercutio.  These clips are in our d2l English 3000 course online in the Content Tab under Video Clips.   Review the essaddys by Monaco and Roland Barthes in our Virtual Shakespeare book. BEFORE YOU WRITE:  Consider camera angles, set-design, choices by the actors, costuming, etc. etc. Then think about the following questions.  How do you see the cinematography in the Queen Mab speech as similar to cinematography in the death scene? How do you see  both clips commenting on issues of theatricality and performance?   Re-read Shakespeare’s text of this scene in Virtual Shakespeare. IN YOUR ANSWER:  First quote one point from Monaco’s essay or Barthes’ essay that helps you to analyze one aspect of production that you find in both clips.  Then please analyze how that aspect of production in these two clips make this clips and this film stunningly wonderful drama.   Be specific. Length of answer--2 paragraphs maximum.   Include at least one screen-shot that supports your analysis.

Act Three, Scene Five.  The second so-called “Balcony” Scene. QUESTION 5.    15 points.
This scene has a lot of imagery from nature in it,  lark, nightingale, pomegranate tree,  morn (= morning/dawn/s=sun), clouds, mountain tops,  vaulty heaven,  loathed toad, dew, sunset, wind, tide,  etc. BEFORE YOU WRITE:   think about why...
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