Why Read Shakespeare Guided Reading Questions 1

Topics: Question, Rhetoric, Rhetorical question / Pages: 2 (296 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2015
“from Why Read Shakespeare?” by Michael Mack

Read the selection from the argument “Why Read Shakespeare?” by Michael Mack. Then, reread the lines indicated with each question below. Answer each question, citing text evidence.

1. Lines 1–13: Read the first five lines of the speech and identify the claim that Mack makes.

2. Lines 1–13: How do the rhetorical questions in this section set the stage for Mack’s argument and engage his audience?

3. Lines 16–20: Create a chart that lists terms that describe early and late reactions to listening to a piece of music.

4. Lines 50–59: Analyze how Mack uses the rhetorical device of addressing a potential concern of his audience.

5. Lines 55–66: Think about the denotation and connotation of the words professional and scientific. Describe how Mack uses the meanings of the words and resulting tone to further develop his argument.

6. Lines 88–106: What reasons does Mack use to explain how learning about literature relates to learning about life?

7. Lines 111–132: In the last few paragraphs of the speech, how does Mack connect reading Shakespeare to the audience’s self-interest?

What rhetorical questions does Mack use to connect with his audience?

8. Why did Shakespeare’s contemporaries recommend rereading his works, and what might this information suggest to current readers?

9. Mack uses the term ‘ear candy” in line 11. A. What does he mean by this term? B. How might the term appeal to his audience?

10. What evidence does the author provide to support the claim that Shakespeare’s words reflect the world and ourselves?

11. The author concludes the speech with a kind of challenge to his audience. Review lines 125-132 and then explain why he included this content.

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