Engineering Essay

Topics: Civil engineering, Engineering, Construction engineering Pages: 3 (504 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Jordan Peacock
Ms. Givens
English 12
Engineering Essay
October 10, 2014
In modern society engineers are an important asset. They keep machines running, help construct buildings, and keep our world running. Without engineers life as we know it would be completely different. There are different aspects of engineers like the different types and there career outlook for the future. Two types of engineers are civil engineers and mechanical engineers. Our society constantly needs more of them so there career outlooks both look good. Civil engineers, also known as construction engineers, specialize in buildings like highways, bridges, and houses. A construction engineer is a civil engineer that designs, manages and oversees projects within the construction industry. (Construction Engineering Degree Programs, Courses and Careers.) An example of a project they would do is rebuilding a road for the city. Some construction engineers pick to specialize in buildings, electrical, mechanical, or highways. They do a lot of their work in their office. Construction engineers often use computers when producing and analyzing their designs for a project. (Construction Engineering Degree Programs, Courses and Careers.) Construction engineers are also responsible for knowing safety regulations when working on some projects.

Mechanical engineers are the free thinkers of the engineering world. They work with lasers and equipment that is very expensive. The main role of a mechanical engineer is to be able to analyze and design objects and systems that involve motion. To put it simply, mechanical engineers deal with anything that moves, including the human body, a very complex machine. ( Mechanical engineers have to learn about things like fluid mechanics, how heat moves, instrumentation, design, and manufacturing to understand mechanical systems. Because of all the things they have to know, mechanical engineering is the...
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