Becoming an Arcetectural Engineer

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Becoming an Architectural Engineer

Architectural Engineering is a type of engineering that began around the mid 20th century. It has to deal with design, construction, and operation of engineering systems in the design of buildings. It is a profession in which takes the knowledge of mathematics, Natural science and problem solving.

To become an Architectural Engineer there is a four step process that must be completed. First, a Bachelor of Science degree must be obtained from a university program ABET. Second pass the Engineering Exam (F.E) covering the principles of math and physics that apply to engineering. Next, go through four years of on the job training with a professional engineer. This is needed for experience. Finally, must pass the Professional Engineering Exam (PE) before the State will recognize one with the title of an Engineer. Once these four processes are completed you will be recognized as a engineer.

Through becoming an Architectural Engineer one can specialize in four different areas. Structural, Construction, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering. Structural engineering deals with the analysis and design of structural building. Construction engineering known as construction management are in charge of making sure a building meets budget, code, and time. Electrical engineers are responsible for taking power from the utility and distributing it through a building. Another field that one can specialize in is Mechanical Engineering. This job has responsible for distributing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning fluids thought the building.

I plan to attend University of Colorado Boulder. It is ranked number 22 for schools to attend for Architectural Engineering. Its very reasonable with a cost of about $13,000 a year including room and board. Another reason for attending this collage is for the main fact is that it is close to home.

After becoming an Architectural Engineer I would love to...
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