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Business Communication
Tutor: Emilia Plăcintar

Coursework assessed assignment: Essays

Answer one of the 13 essay questions below. Give reasons for your answer and give any relevant examples from your knowledge and experience. Include at least two reference sources, using the Harvard citation and referencing system. The approximate length of the essay should be 1100 words, including the Reference list. Use Arial font size 10, spacing 1.5. The essay will be submitted as a Word.doc attachment (emilia.placintar@lingua.ubbcluj.ro) by the exam date in January, and in printed form on the exam day.

1) Compare and contrast two competing brands in the same sector. Explain why one is more successful than the other.

2) Discuss the role of auditors in corporate governance, and explain why they are important to internal and external stakeholders.

3) Leaders are more important than their teams. How far do you agree with this statement? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.

4) Explain how organisations can use SWOT and PEST(EL) analysis to inform strategic decision making.

5) “The critical requirement for a company’s success is its ability to establish competitive advantage” (Grant, 2010). Discuss the sources of competitive advantage.

6) Some consumers are influenced by brands, others are not. Discuss the reasons for this.

7) Use Porter’s Five Forces to analyse two companies, each from a different business sector, in terms of the influences that they need to consider when developing long-term strategy.

8) International marketing involves some basic steps. Discuss what international marketers need to understand and what decisions they need to make.

9) Explain how Information Technology facilitates communication in business.

10) “While the dynamic force in Globalization 1.0 [1492-1800] was countries globalizing and the dynamic force in...
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