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Animal Farm
Persuasive Essay
Essay Due Friday, January 20, 2012
Introduction due on Wednesday
First Draft due on Thursday
Final Draft Due on Friday

Write a 2-3 page persuasive essay on a topic of your choosing from Animal Farm. Remember, a persuasive essay needs to demonstrate a strong thesis or argument.

Weak thesis: There are many examples of power corrupting in the novel. Strong thesis: The theme, “power corrupts,” is the driving moral to the entire story

Your essay should be written in standard MLA format with 5 paragraphs (introduction, 3 main ideas, and a conclusion). Times New Roman. Size 12. Double-spaced.

You grade will be based on the following:
Thesis and Focus 25%
Paper presents a strong, narrow, specific focus. This focus is clearly identified by a thesis statement founded on analysis that encourages solid development of ideas and supporting evidence. Supporting Evidence and Development of Ideas 25%

Paper’s thesis is supported by strong evidence from texts or other sources in the form of clearly presented details, examples, and quotations from sources to support the thesis argument. Organization and Structure 25%

Paper is well-organized and follows a strong, logical progression of thought motivated by the development of supporting evidence through well structured, cohesive paragraphs linked together and to the thesis by effective transitions. All essential paper parts (introduction, evidence, thesis, conclusion) are included. Mechanics and Style 25%

Paper meets appropriate standards of written U.S. English, does not display errors in syntax, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, basic grammar. All sources are documented through in-text citations or notes and a bibliography of works cited in correct MLA format. Clarity of writing style is exhibited in sentences that vary in length and structure, use of appropriate levels of diction, active sentences, and lack of redundant word usage. Possible paper topics (not...
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