Encouragement of Social Development

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Essay Question Choose a book that you believe encourages the social development of children. Describe in detail why you believe the book is appropriate. Contrast this with a book that you believe would be inappropriate. There are many books to choose from that I found that encourages social development, but one stands out to me that I truly enjoyed. “Adventures at Walnut Grove” is a lesson about teasing others around you and how you should treat others around you as you would like to be treated. The book is a colorful illustration that helps children to better understand by visually capturing a child’s attention. The story is set a Walnut Grove resort and school is out and the animals have gathered together for summer fun. Not too long after, Sammy’s feelings are hurt by a new student who teases him and hurts his feelings. Even though he is very upset with being teased he does not retaliate to get even. Instead the name caller is teased by another animal and has his feelings hurt. This leads Bucky, the teaser to Sammy, to apologize for his behavior and they become friends. This story helps to reinforce the lesson learned as children think about how they may have felt under the same circumstances and how they might have done if they were there. I believe that this book is a great selection due to the fact that many children deal with this sort of difficulty in school. Many children will feel the urge to lash back at another child to help cope with the feelings of rejection by another. If a child is taught not to retaliate at an early age it may help to alleviate the burdens that many children face growing up. A book that I strongly feel that is inappropriate for any child to have is called The Taking Tree: A Selfish Parody”. It is about a child who take twigs to pick on his sister, takes apples to sell for college or cuts off branches to build a house that he burns for insurance money. This book was written as a twist to the ’Giving Tree” to give a perspective...
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