Employees Training and Development in Banking Sector

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1.Introduction Of Employee Training
& HR Development
You are a DIY person and you want to find out everything about starting and operating a business. There are so many resources out there and you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to absorb. Besides, which sources are reliable? After you swim through a sea of “useful” tips, how do you put them into action? The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a small business. If you hire and keep good employees, it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills, so they can increase their productivity. Training often is considered for new employees only. This is a mistake because ongoing training for current employees helps them adjust to rapidly changing job requirements. We offer seminars and workshops to help you start, or improve your business operations. We focus on issues that impact small business operators from high level business plan writing to daily operational issues such as customer retention. Attendance is limited to 10 – 15 people each. Employee training workshops are also offered. The model below traces the steps necessary in the training process: Organizational Objectives

Needs Assessment
Is There a Gap?
Training Objectives
Select the Trainees
Select the Training Methods and Mode
Choose a Means of Evaluating
Administer Training
Evaluate the Training
Our Training Methods include:

On-the-job training is delivered to employees while they perform their regular jobs. Off-the-job techniques include lectures, special study, films, television conferences or discussions, case studies, role playing, simulation, programmed instruction and laboratory training. Orientations are for new employees.

Your business should have a clearly defined strategy and set of objectives that direct and drive all the decisions made especially for training decisions. Firms that plan their training process are more successful than those that do not. Most business owners want to succeed, but do not engage in training designs that promise to improve their chances of success. This is where we come in to help you achieve your goals, and make your employees reach their potential. Training Programs include:

harassment training
communication skills training
computer and technical skills training
management and leadership training
diversity training
safety training
conflict management
workplace wellness
supervisor skills development
team building skills training
In addition to the above training programs, we also offer customized training programs specific to your industry. We have partners in all industries and can bring in experts to make sure you get the best results.

Results You Can Expect:
You, or your employees, can expect to walk away from the seminars or workshops empowered to increase business effectiveness and efficiency. Employee Development and Training
Employee development and training is initiated for performance improvement and professional development, as well as for testing a new project or operation. This is beneficial to the company, because it motivates and increases the morale of the employees.


2.1 Definition of banking
Section 5(c) of banking regulation act,1949 defines banking as,” accepting for the purpose of lending or investment of deposits of money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise, and withdraw able by cheque, draft or order. 2.2Types of banks

Commercial banks in India are primarily classified into scheduled banks and non-scheduled banks. Scheduled banks include nationalized banks, state bank of India and its subsidiaries, private sector banks and foreign banks. Non -scheduled banks are those which are not included in the second scheduled of India act,1935. 1> Scheduled banks:

The second scheduled of the...

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