Employee Self – Actualization Problem at Redgrove Axial Workshop Case Study

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Kaunas, 2013
Table of Contents
Relevance of the topic from OB aspect3
Analysis aim and tasks3
Situation analysis4
Problem identification5
Theoretical survey6
A Review of Employee Motivation Theories and their Implications for Employee Retention within Organizations6
Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory6
The Motivator-Hygiene Theory7
Evaluation of the alternatives8
Suggested solution10

“Redgrove Axial Workshop” case talks about the self – actualization problems of employees belonging to the most effective workshop of the whole Redgrove plant, which is owned by the ITE corporation – a North American - based manufacturer of equipment ranging from axial compressors for aircrafts to highly sophisticated aeronautic and defense systems. The Redgrove plant, where the action takes place in this case, is the main U.S. manufacturing facility for aircraft engine parts belonging to the aeronautics business unit. The plant is situated in a small town, only one hour away from a large metropolitan area.

The problems of self actualization are alive at the axial compressor workshop, which activities contributed nearly 20 per cent of the Redgrove’s plant annual revenues. The numbers talk for themselves and without no doubt this workshop is most effective in the plant. Actually, members of the axial workshop had a great reputation for being very hard workers and employee turnover was a very rare phenomenon there. Most of the best workers at the manufacturing workshop are the ones, which were moved here from prototype workshop, since the engineers started using a more sophisticated software. The axial workshop production manager Fontaine also observed that those ex-prototype employees not only consistently volunteered to fill rush orders but also were like a family. Fontaine had even found them once pooling together at the local pub. So the working atmosphere, as we may observe, is really good at this particular workshop. Relevance of the topic from OB aspect

As the organizational behavior is a field of study which investigates the impact that individuals, structures and groups have on behavior within organization, this topic about self actualization and job satisfaction becomes particulary relevant from OB perspective. We can take our case for example and state that even the smallest gaps in the understanding of employee self – actualization needs, can lead to the violation of corporate code of conduct. Talking about job satisfaction, we can tell, that even the smallest job dissatisfaction shadow at the particular unit of employees may lead to significant production losses and thus enormous monetary deprivation. Therefore, it is very crucial to understand the impact that people behavior can have on organizational performance and to excavate the underlying reasons of such behavior. Analysis aim and tasks

The aim of our analysis is to understand the underlying reasons of the problem described above and to provide a logicall solution for that problem which is built on the reasons why it is occurring.

Talking about the tasks of our analysis, we will at first conduct a SWOT analysis of an axial workshop unit of workers, who are related to the self – actualization problems occurring in that unit. In this way we will identify all the complementary problems occurring at the workshop and determine why they exist. Then we will provide theorethical background related to our problem and by using the theorethical framework we will evaluate the alternatives available to us. At the end we will come to the conclusion and provide the main solution for the problem at the same time explaining the rationale...

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