Employee Motivation Case Study

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How can the management motivate its existing employee without giving financial benefits?

To be able to know if implementing a competency-based planning program is a good strategy to boost up the morale and increase motivation of the employees. To know what other alternative benefits can be given to employees, aside from monetary benefits.

Has loyal customers
Has a facility that attracts potential customers and members. Weaknesses:
High turnover rate
Low morale and motivation
The company has no position description, job specification, system and procedure guides, HR policies and operational procedures. Opportunities
There are many social members that could further increase the company’s revenue. Threats
Competitors may hire the skilled employees who resigned from the company. There may be a decrease of job applicants in the future because of low morale and low motivation provided by the management of the company.


A. Free access to all facilities

During break time, each employee is given the opportunity to participate in the gaming facilities, entertainment and sporting activities. Employee, together with one family member they are also given discounts in the bars and eateries. Although employees are given free access of the facilities it will have a certain time limit of two hours in the use of the facilities. Discounts are only availed five times a month.

Employees will look forward into going to work because they will be motivated Increase in morale

Employees might get the habit of playing gambling games.
It will be a destruction to the employees because they will not focus on their job.

B. To give recognition with one day vacation for the most outstanding employee of the month.

To help motivate employees, this alternative course of action is about giving recognition to those deserving and outstanding employees in a monthly basis. We made it in a monthly basis so that it won’t be difficult for the management in evaluating its employees. To heat up the competition, this alternative will give one day all expense paid vacation (not convertible to cash) for two club premises alone whenever an employee gets a 3 consecutive recognition as the most outstanding employee of the month. SAMPLE EVALUATION

Source: http:/


Source: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4582430/sample-employee-evaluation ADVANTAGES
Employees will be motivated to work
Employees will impress customers to come back.
Boost self-esteem, confidence and self-determination of the employees

Possibility of conflict to arise between employees
Additional expense to the company (club)

C. Implementation of position description, job specification, systems and procedures guides and strict HR policies and operational policies.

Attendance and Punctuality
Employees will be given a deduction from their salary for every minute of coming in late to their work. This policy will give a fair basis to all employees.

Employee Rights
Right of free consent
-people have the right to be treated only as they knowingly and willingly consent to be treated. Right of privacy
-people have the right to do as they wish in their private lives, and they have the right to control what they reveal about private activities. Right of conscience
-People have the right to refuse to do what violates their moral beliefs, as long as these beliefs reflect commonly accepted norms. Right of freedom of speech
-People have the right to criticize an organizations ethics, if they do so in good conscience and their criticism does not violate the rights of individuals in the organization. Right to due process

-if people believe their rights are being violated, they have the right to a fair and impartial hearing.

EEO (Equal employment...
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