The Redgrove Axial Workshop

Topics: Employment, Management, Case study Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: October 20, 2012
The Redgrove Axial Workshop - Case Analysis

Date of Submission:September, 05, 2012

Table of Contents
Introduction and Background3
Analysis of the Problem4
Personal use of company resources4
Closed Interest Groups4
Evaluation of Alternatives5

Introduction and Background
There were many documented and perhaps more undocumented cases of employees breaking rules in the workplace and manager is undecided on how to handle those situation. This case study analyses what happens when there is lack of clear or precise Human Resource policies and why this may cause issues within teams at the ground level. This is an important study in human behavior to emphasize culture and values in an organization and also to show what happens when rules are not implemented uniformly within formal or informal groups. The main issue in this case "The Redgrove Axial Workshop" is the formation of small informal groups which engages in activities/hobbies which are not part of regular work-day and uses company material. Some employees creates some ornaments from metal scraps which otherwise would be sold and earn revenue for ITE. The case demonstrate the dilemma of Marc Fontaine on how to deal with this situation in the wake of not so clear human resource process and policies. This analysis will evaluate the reasons of workers behavior and how ITE should deal with it. The analysis will briefly describe the issues, describe organization theory that applies and offer some solutions to the situation. In the conclusion, it will present the solution which is considered best for Axial workshop and ITE.

Analysis of the Problem
Below is the analysis of few issues that is evident in 'The Redgrove Axial Workshop" case. Personal use of company resources
Marc Fontaine finds out about the ornaments made of metal scraps in the storage room of workshop. Since, he is new to this division, he perhaps doesn't know company's code...
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