Employee Security Awareness

Topics: Security, Computer security, Information Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: October 10, 2010

Employee security awareness is let the employees of a company aware of the

security of the company information such as data privacy of important information. This

document is a guide that control directly support of the company security practice to safe

guard information of the customers and company. Support, establish, and maintain the

security and the internal control of the company. Will make and educate the security

awareness which will help to plan an appropriate education methodology. Each employee

will sign and return forms which acknowledge in writing that they have read and

understand the organization’s security policies.

Also this information will be place in several parts of the build like copy room

and lunch/break room. This document would be used as an informational handout for

new employees and will be posted in all high traffic as mention above.

Important area that all employee need to remember are data privacy, security

practice, and legal implication of data privacy. It is geared toward protecting personal

information such as important sensitive government, corporate information, family

details, medical records, social security number, account numbers, etc. Ensuring that all

party to safeguard information exchange agree between employees and clients. Security

practice steps to be taking to prevent a breach on sensitive information to hacker or

unauthorized parties. Legal implication of data privacy is simple it is the legal problems

that may happen when the rules of safeguarding sensitive information is shared with an

unauthorized person or if document was not properly dispose of. Following these simple

rules will help make for our company to be protected and successful for many years to



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