Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities

Topics: Disability, Education, Psychology Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities

Students with emotional or behavioral problems tend to have trouble with discipline and adversity in and out of the classroom. This can lead these students to become antisocial and become withdrawn from the classroom instruction. Students with physical disabilities can display many of these same characteristics that those with emotional and behavioral problems display but may act out due to ill will about their physical disability rather than an inability to control their emotions or behavior. While the cause may differ for these individuals the manner in which they need to be handled with is very similar (NICHCY, 2010). A teacher that has a student with emotional or behavioral problems needs to be aware of what may cause the individual to become irritated. Knowing what may trigger an outburst can help the teacher be prepared in how they respond to different situations. Another key factor in dealing with these students is being able to reel the student back in and help them refocus on what is taking place within the classroom and move past what triggered the outburst to begin with. I have spent numerous hours this year in three different classrooms and all are a different grade level as well. In each of these classrooms there is at least one individual that suffers from emotional or behavioral problems. All three teachers approach the problem in different ways but all seem to be able to get the student back on track relatively quickly. In one class the teacher will point of what the student is doing wrong and then ask the student if they think that their actions are appropriate. In most cases this student will attempt to deflect blame onto others sitting near them. The teacher will then tell the other students not to pay him any attention and not allow them to get pulled into his distractions. The student will typically respond by huffing, mumbling under their breath, or by verbally complaining...

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