Emotional Behavior in Children

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Education Pages: 5 (1757 words) Published: June 19, 2013
In today’s world it appears that more children are being diagnosed as having an emotional/behavioral disorder (EBD). This disorder enables the children to adapt socially and academically. For some reason emotional disorder causes children to act irrational and their behavior seems almost uncontrollable. Most children who suffer from any characteristics associated with emotional behavior disorder, as described have a great hindrance in their educational performance to the point where they are classified for exceptional education services.

The children who suffer from EBD have a hard time coping with this disorder. The majority of them have to be tested further and diagnosed to be given medication to deal with academically. What are some of the strategies the parents, the government, and the educators use to help the children cope with the different levels of behavior issues? The government determination of dealing with the children with EBD is putting them on medication to keep them calm to succeed in a school setting.

This paper will discuss five different articles which I read to define what causes a behavior issues, how the teachers interact with students to find a way to make education more functional for children with EBD, and how the parent guide their children towards some independence to cope with the everyday demands of becoming educated, while suffering with EBD. The first article “Just Stop thinking about it: Effects of Emotional Disengagement on Children’s Memory for Education Material. This journal discusses how children try to control negative emotions. The authors, John A. Rice, Linda J. Levine, and David A. Pizzarro address the effects of emotional disengagement and engagement on a child’s memory for educational material. The article was to shoe how children ranging from ages 7 to 10 years old recall information of an educational movie. Children who were ordered to disengage seem to remember parts of the educational movie more than the children who were to work through their emotional feelings. The study was design to see if the children could disengage themselves from having emotional feelings of being sad or staying neutral in a situation to control their feelings. If they children could learn how to maintain their feelings in a controlled environment, it would eliminate the distraction of the classroom and enhance a more organized curriculum to be taught. This article had good information on how to help children disengage themselves from feeling any emotional tides in situations that can be controlled. Keeping their feelings to a minimal level will decrease the emotional behavior disorder in the classroom and help to de-escalate a hostile environment.

The second article that was read was, “Early Identification, Prevention, and Early Intervention with young children at risk for emotional or behavior disorders: Issues, Trends, and a call for action. This journal discusses how children are around an environment which causes some developmental factors such as poverty, domestic violence, and child abuse. The authors, Maureen Conroy and William Brown addresses how early prevention of the environmental factors can eliminate some of the behavioral issues shown in children. There have been some parameters put in place; however none have really been truly successful.

The authors also discuss how these environmental risks have a serious impact on children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Most issues of emotional behaviors are extremely high because often times children are not diagnosed until they have reaches adolescence, by then the behavior is moderately worse. It is best to try to detect the early signs of EBD before the children enters school, this way if medication is needed, they would already be too adjusted to it and this would keep their attitude to a medium level. In the third article, Co-victimization of African-American children who witness violence: Effects on cognitive, emotional,...
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