Emotional Appeals in Advertisements

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Chevy’s Most Enduring Advertising Campaigns: How the Ideas Took Root

Chevrolet’s innovative advertisements have resonated to consumers for many years and continue to bring their brand to life. The article features retired ad executives looking back on some of Chevy’s greatest hit ads and reflecting upon the company’s growth throughout the years. The article introduces five great campaigns: The Heartbeat of America, Genuine Chevrolet, Like a Rock, Malibu, and An American Revolution. Each of these campaigns has contributed to Chevrolet’s success and has made their brand renowned in the consumer eye. The article relates to the text through a variety of ways. Foremost, the article demonstrates how the markets are concentrating on a more emotional appeal to build relationships with their consumers. Advertising appeals are very important in regards of attracting the attention of a target audience. Likewise, the executing style of the message is equally as important. In the first campaign that is featured in the article, “The Heartbeat of America”, Chevrolet uses audio as a creative tactic to draw in their consumers. According to our textbook, music can be central to the message the ads are trying to send (Belch). This concept is exactly what Chevrolet employed in The Heartbeat of America campaign. “The music embodied the campaign. It would have been good, but not great, without that music,” Dannielle Hudler expressed (Halpert). Similarly, the Like a Rock campaign used Bob Seger’s song to emphasize the brand’s attributes and connect to the target consumer. According to Chevrolet General Manager, Kurt Ritter, “Like a Rock captured the physicality of the truck, the independence of the truck buyer, and the vehicle’s durability” (Halpert). Not only did the song embody the brand benefits, but the potential owner benefits as well. Although music can add great power to campaigns,

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