Emc Grabs Procedure

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This script is provided as a means to collect system and/or software configuration for investigations by EMC.

To Install :

Extract the tar file into a suitable directory using following command,

command: tar -xvf emcgrab_<os>_<version>.tar

Please ensure that your filesystem has at least 500M free of disk space for temporary files that may be generated during its processing. If running ECC 5.x the resulting tar file could be very large.

Please NOTE:

1. The script will prompt the user with a warning message
should it detect less than 25M remaining on the file system every time the script runs the file system check routine. Each time the user will have the option of continuing or aborting the script.

2. The script will prompt for EMC license agreement even in autoexec mode. Once EMC license agreement is accepted then it will work as usual for autoexec mode.

Operation :
The script should be run as user root, to prevent any data not being collected through lack of permissions.

The scripts defines a PATH environment based on the default installation paths of it's software. If these are different, some modules may not work.

It is possible that some commands could run for a lengthy period. Each module has a max runtime limit, ranging from 60 seconds through to 450, depending on the module.

The script will generate a compressed tar file, residing in the outputs directory. Its format will be
'<hostname>_YYYY-mm-dd-hh.mm.ss>_<OS>_emcgrab_<version>_[full | lite]_CC<Request Number>.tar.<Z|gz>' depending on whether compress or gzip has been used as their compression utility.

If no Request number is defined, <CaseNo> will default to 0000000000

Syntax :

./emcgrab.sh [-h] [-v] [-o options,options] [-autoexec] [-backup] [-clariionIP <IP Addresses>] [-ip] [-ipmask] [-legal] [-lite] [-nomsg] [-nw] [-OUTDir new_output_directory] [-quiet] [-symmid bypass|prompt] [-vxdmpdebug]

-h : Displays help screen
-v : Displays version information
-o : User defined options, Comma Separated List (See below) -autoexec : Bypasses user interactive prompts (but will prompt for EMC's license) -backup : Bypasses interactive menu, when scheduled via cron. -clariionIP : Comma separated list of IP addresses for SPA / SPB -ip : Comma separated list of IP addresses for SPA / SPB

-ipmask : Will mask the ip address of the host in all the files collected in the EMCGrab -legal : Bypass the showing of Legal Notice and asking the user to accept it. If this switch is specified it means user automatically accepts the EMC's license agreement -lite : A reduced subset of data collection that is required by HEAT analysis server -nomsg : Will not collect the messages logs

-nw : Collects Networker related information on AIX, HP-UX, LINUX & SunOS -OUTDir : Option to store final EMCGrab file at specified location -quiet : Suppress all status messages
-symmid : bypass|prompt - Bypasses Symmetrix or prompts for each Symmetrix detected -vxdmpdebug : Runs vxdmpdebug script with 'Y' option enabled

Options :

This is a comma separated list of additional modules. By default these options are not run, and need to be invoked by the -o syntax.

Supported Optional modules are as follows :-

: clariion - Must be used with -clariionIP <SPA,SPB>
: dru - Collect data relating to the EMC Open Migrator/LM (DRU) : ecc - Collects configuration and log files for ECC 4.x / 5.x. : erm - Collects data relating to EMC Replication Manager (Autorun) : hacmp - To collect log files relating to AIX HACMP cluster. : ifs - Infomover File System

: ift - Infomover File Transfer
: im - Both ifs and ift modules
: inq - Perform SCSI inquiry against devices (automatic detection) : pp - PowerPath (automatic detection)
: ppvm - PowerPath Volume Manager (automatic detection)
: sc - Sun Cluster 3.0.
: sdmm - Symmetrix Data...

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