Electronic and Non Electronic Communication Unit 4 P7

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Electronic and Non-Electronic Communication

For this assignment I will be: explaining what Tesco does, the scenario I have been put in, and then I will be doing two tables. There are for electronic and non-electronic communication.


Tesco is a supermarket that sells mainly groceries. They have their own catalogue that sells furniture, appliances, mobiles etc. There’s a Tesco pet, car and house insurance linked to their Tesco bank. Members of Tesco Club card are given points for every pound they spend at Tesco. This business has a total of 6,351 stores in 14 different countries. 2,975 of them are situated in the UK.

The scenario

I am working for Trinity Communications. Tesco, my biggest client has asked me to produce information to train new staff. I would have observed that some staff are unclear about which methods are suitable for different situations at work. My guide will be the two tables explaining the types of electronic and non-electronic communication.

|Electric Communication |Audience |Reasons for the Audience | |Telephone- this type of communication only |This method of communication can be used when|The customer would have given their telephone | |involves each other’s voices. This method of |confirming with a customer if they are at |number when registering to the Tesco website so| |communication is used when people cannot talk |home to receive an online delivery from |that they can be contacted about their | |face to face and are long distances away from |Tesco. |delivery. | |each other. This is a faster way to get into | | | |contact with someone and it is easier than | | | |talking through written methods as speaking can|This method of communication can also be used| | |be put across in different tones and speeds. |when ordering products from the company’s |It is the most convenient way to order | | |distribution centres. |supplies. Sending off the orders through the | | | |post will be time consuming. | |Fax- this type of communication sends text and |Faxes should be used to send business |Faxes are suitable for word processing data. | |images from one fax machine to another. Each |documents that are related to that |Forms that need to be filled out are also | |fax machine has its own telephone number. By |department. These would be: contracts, |suitable to be sent through fax machines. | |sending a fax, you are sending text and images |receipts and forms. | | |to another fax machine, giving the person text |The fax machine will keep records when the | | |and images on paper. A fax machine basically |document has been sent and numbers each page.| | |prints out the information that has been sent |Faxes will only be used between employees | | |to it. |because it involves documentation. | | |E-mail- this method of communication is through|E-mails can be sent to customers to remind |Some customers have agreed to be contacted | |the internet. You can send e-mails to various |them of their delivery times, the amount of |about their Club card...
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