Ellen Moore - Living and Working in Korea

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Work Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: July 17, 2009
Case Memo for Living and Working in Korea
Problem Statement
After Ellen been in Korea for a certain time, she found out that the Korean consultants were less experienced than expected. Besides that, tensions arose between her and the co-manager - Jack, regarding who was given directions to the team and they escalated when the project fell behind schedule. At the same time, the Korean Mr. Song is blaming Ellen should be accountable for all problems, and Andrew needs to decide how to proceed so that the project gets completed. Analysis:

Actually, the Korean consultants didn’t show too much commitment in the case. They used to work on control-narrowly defined jobs, implement the order and they never use to raise the idea of optimizing the work. They did their job follow the boss’s expectation in order to not getting fired, no any creative suggestion at all. Managing Interpersonal Conflict

It seems two conflict parties have been established in the company, one is Korean, another is American. Because Korean management clear mentioned they accepted to work with a qualified woman, however in the end, Ellen became a scapegoat, all of failure was imputed to her, and it was unfair for Ellen. Actually, for Korean management didn’t make a deep analysis to find the essential of the issue. Even though, Andrew will agree to replace Ellen, nobody knows whether it can solve all of problem at all. Disordered reporting line

The reporting line is the most disordered what I have saw before. Overlap management: one staff have several superiors, for them it will be very difficult to deal when the superiors have different opinions. Skip grade reporting, one staff should report to someone and his or her superior at the same time, it will also be confused for staff who is the decision maker. The result might be everybody come the highest level people in the reporting line, however rest people will definitely unhappy about it. Recommendation

Andrew has...
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