Case of Aline Deneuve

Topics: Employment, Attribution theory, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1596 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Case of Aline DeNeuve

This case Aline DeNeuve is written by Alvin Turner, from St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. There are a lot of issues in this case. Aline talked with five random employees to secure their views on having another retreat and to take their opinion how effective was the previous retreat.

The first employee she talked with was Heather. The main issue over here is mostly stereotypical and racial discrimination. Heather told she doesn’t like retreats. She also said that she was ignored to give a promotion six months ago by her supervisor Jack as she was Chinese, and that her supervisor doesn’t like foreigners. She also stated that the three day retreat held once a year won’t solve the anti-social atmosphere between the employees. This problem occurred because Heather was upset with Jack for the reason she was not promoted by him. Categorization is an OB concept which falls under stereotyping. This is a comparison process for social identity, and that comparison begins by categorizing people into different groups. Heather thought she was categorized by her supervisor Jack as she was from China. Homogenization is another OB concept that falls under stereotyping. It is a simplified process of comparing people in various groups. Here people tends to think that, people with in a group are very much similar to each other despite the fact that everyone is an individual and have their own different characteristics. Heather thought that jack was homogenization towards her as she belonged from China, and was from some kind of Chinese group. Heather also thought that Jack was discriminating towards her as she was a foreigner, and so didn’t give her a promotion. There were also internal attribution factors in Heather as she regularly took large numbers of sick days from work, for the reason she thought her supervisor was discriminating her. She also had fundamental attribution error. Fundamental attribution error is a bias, refers to our tendency to see the person rather than the situation as the main cause of the person’s behaviour. Heather thinks that she is biased by her supervisor. These problems can be fixed in various ways by Heather. Awareness of perceptual biases is one of the ways her problems can be solved. Training on diversity awareness can lessen discrimination by making people aware of methodical discrimination as well as biases that occur through stereotyping. Awareness of perceptual biases can make people more watchful of their opinions and activities. Thus, Heather might have a better point of view about Jack, and might think more positively about the outcomes that come in real life. Another way of fixing her problem is by improving self-awareness. It is a more powerful way to minimize perceptual biases; it provides evidence that the individual’s own conduct and choices reflect these biases. Therefore Heather can have a better and positive view of what is happening in her surroundings and how positively she can take them. However, Heather can have a conversation period with her supervisor and discuss all the matters that are bothering her. This might help her understand Jack in a better way and stop all kinds of problematic issues they have between each other.

The second employee Aline talked with was Jack. Jack is the manager of marketing department. He did not want to attend the retreat. He was upset as he was not promoted to the director position. Jack thought that he was passed over because he was black. He suggested that the organization should invest more money in its security purposes as he thinks lot of employees are taking home office supplies. He also thought that the company should design a better job orientation and socialization program for the new employees. The problem over here was Jack thought that he didn’t get the promotion because he was black; he assumed that he was racially discriminated. He also made a very serious statement about other office employees, that they have...
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