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Ticket Escalation

By certifiedkj Oct 09, 2013 306 Words


Unit 6. Exercise 1. Ticket Escalation

FROM: Systems Administrator

TO: Manager

RE: Support Prioritization

I understand that you have received complaints from department supervisors stating that support issues are not being met in a timely manner. A ticket escalation policy is a perfect idea. We definitely need to ensure business priorities are met while end-user expectations are too. I will draft a policy of how support requests will be prioritized and it goes as follows: Each department will email (or call, depending on connection) me stating: Their respective department;

The technical issue occurring;
The workstation that is having the technical issue.
Each technical issue will receive a ticket number. Each ticket will contain the information from the bullet points above right along with the date, time and level of the technical issue. Supervisors of the respective department will receive a copy of each ticket and the systems admin will keep a copy on file for future reference. Each technical issue will be assigned a level and they will be levels 1, 2 and 3; Level 1 being a simple and normal issue, and level 3 being the most urgent and high prioritized. I will assign a level of each technical issue upon inspection of each report, whether it's remotely or in person. Higher prioritized (or level 3) issues will be handled first, being that these are most urgent and need immediate attention. Level 1 and 2 issues will be prioritized by department and it goes as follows: Customer service;

We can better manage these business requirements by each department receiving a copy of the policy once it is finalized. Each employee of this company should get a copy and be aware of this new policy to avoid any confusion or complaints in the future. --

If any further information or assistance is needed, feel free to email me at any time. Thanks.

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