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Elie Wiesel Nobel Peace Prize Essay

By fredofhyrule Feb 03, 2015 278 Words
                 Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for his humanitarian efforts, and for never opting for man to regress. Words however are not enough to describe what Elie has done, for any words that can be comprehended are not capable of aptly describing this man’s life and mission. Elie is a man who experienced mental and physical torture, and from this torture found the will to believe that there could be a world where man would never torture again. Elie discovered along the path of bringing this world to manifestation however that people choose to forget suffering and not remember it, live in a world of dishonest peace than acknowledge oppression. Elie proved in his lecture though that remembering is one of the most important things a person can do, for it is from memories that we are capable of molding a fair future. Elie’s speech served as an address to an audience, and a tribute. A tribute to those killed because of where or to whom they were born, a tribute to those punished for fighting injustice, a tribute to all the good people of the past, and a tribute to their memories. Elie’s speech used rhetorical devices to make these tributes and his point that when humanity chooses to remember he chooses to progress, poignant and keenly felt, and therefore Elie’s speech was successful. However, it is when Elie’s speech and message go from just being successful, to being a creed people live by, that humans will create the reality that so many great people dedicated their lives to achieving: a reality where there is no more suffering. A reality where no one forgets.

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