Alfred Nobel Essay 2

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Informative Speech: Alfred Nobel
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What would you say if one morning you wake up, read by mistake your own obituary, and see what people think about you? How would you like to be called:” the merchant of death, who built a fortune, by discovering new ways to mutilate and kill, is dead”. This happened to Alfred Nobel. The story is that when Alfred Nobel’s brother died, a French newspaper mistakenly published an obituary of Alfred. When he read this, he remained pained all of his life.

The purpose of my speech is to inform you who Alfred Nobel is. Although, I have not known Alfred Nobel in person, by reading his biographies, along with my great interest in history of inventors qualifies me to speak on this matter.

Today I would like to inform you, who Alfred Nobel is; what he had done to be famous, and how he affected our world/society. In the beginning, I will start with some background information, including place, family and education. Alfred Nobel was born on October 21, 1833, Stockholm, Sweden. He was the forth son of Caroline and Immanuele Nobel, a manufacturer of torpedoes, mines and explosives. In order to achieve better life conditions, when Alfred was nine years old, the family moved to Petersburg, Russia, where Alfred received private education. From the beginning, Alfred proved to be a genius. He was not only a brilliant student with vastly laboratory skills, but also a competent chemist. By the age of seventeen, he was fluently writing and speaking in five languages: English, French, German, Russian, as well as Swedish. According to Kenne Fant in a biography called “Alfred Nobel”: “ All his life he derived nearly as much pleasure experimenting with language as he did experimenting with acids and powders in his laboratory(p.5, ch.13).” Trying to sum up his life in one sentence, he offered the following: “ I am a misanthrope and yet utterly benevolent, have more then one screw loose yet am a super-idealist who digest philosophy more...
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