Werner Heisenberg

Topics: Quantum mechanics, Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Cory Cress
Scientist of a Lifetime
Werner Heisenberg was the scientist of a lifetime for many different reasons. Werner contributed to the theory of quantum physics, while also discovering allotropic forms of hydrogen and receiving the Nobel Prize for physics in 1932. Werner Heisenberg was a scientist of a lifetime because he thrived to learn as much about quantum physics, and other types of physics as possible he attended and worked at five different colleges, he also educated other people by giving lectures around the world to teach people about his studies, Werner is a scientist of a lifetime. Biographical Data

* “In 1927, when he was only 26, he was appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Leipzig.” * In 1925 Heisenberg published his theory for Quantum Physics * In 1932 Heisenberg is rewarded the Nobel Prize for physics * “From 1957 onwards Heisenberg was interested in work on problems of plasma physics and thermonuclear processes, and also much work in close collaboration with the International Institute of Atomic Physics at Geneva. He was for several years Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee of this Institute and subsequently remained a member of this Committee.” * In 1953 he became President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The reason I chose Werner Heisenberg for scientists of the century is all of the amazing things he accomplished and achieved while he was alive. Werner Heisenberg was an amazing person in what he accomplished, like how he attended and worked at five different colleges in their lifetime. Heisenberg was very devoted to his work and research that gave him a big impact on science and the world today. I think Heisenberg was important to Niels Bohr success in quantum physics, because he took ideas from Heisenbergs theory to use on Bohr’s atomic studys. Werner Heisenberg did plenty of work in his lifetime.” Heisenberg went to the Maximilian school at Munich until 1920, when he went to...

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