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On October 8, The Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was named the winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize by the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. An overwhelming majority of governments and organizations around the world appreciate the dedication of Liu for his long time pursuing of human-rights improvement in China. Be that as it may, China has blockaded the news which sounds ridiculous to the standpoint of almost all the Chinese people. Recently, the comments of this controversial phenomenon, not exaggerative to say, as one falls another rises. In my point of view it’s not a problem of who is right or wrong, which importantly counts is the respect for China. Closely following behind are the statements and analyses.

①diverse actions

Chinese Foreign Ministry:
It's a complete violation of the principles of the prize and an insult to the Peace Prize itself for the Nobel committee to award the prize to such a person. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the prize for defending freedom of expression and democracy in a way that deserves attention and respect. US President Barak Obama:
This award reminds us that political reform has not kept pace, and that the basic human rights of every man, woman and child must be respected. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s office:
The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo of China is recognition of the growing international consensus for improving human rights practices and culture around the world. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner:

This decision embodies the defense of human rights everywhere in the world. The Dalai Lama:
Awarding the Peace Prize to him is the international community's recognition of the increasing voices among the Chinese people in pushing China towards political, legal and constitutional reforms. ……

As you can see, nearly all the foreign people support Liu, which to some extent shows no respect for the cultures...
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