Elements of a Crime - Criminal Investigation

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Concepcion 1
Joseph Concepcion
Vincent Petrecca
Criminal Investigation
11 April, 2012
Elements of a crime

I the lead detective just arrived at a crime scene in which I was dispatched to a break in that led to Murder on the 2300 block of S. Keeler Ave. My first objective is preserving the people on the crime scene. All individuals must be preserved as meticulously as any other evidence. My second objective is to identify and to examine the victim. I will then search for any evidence with in and out the perimeter. Last but not least is to identify the suspect.

As I walk into the victims house there was a black purse on top of a coffee table next to the stairs that leads upstairs in which the victim was killed. While I approach the coffee table I happen to notice a driver license and a pair of keys next to the purse. I had the driver license and the pair of keys bagged up into the evidence bag. I then proceeded to head upstairs to examine the victim. Looking at the victim is now identified as a female and it shows that the intruder had hit the victim with a blow to the back of the head causing trauma to the brain. The Victims face was covered in blood. Due to the amount of blood covering her face we were unable to match her identity to the driver license found. While examining the victim I had noticed a piece of her nail was chipped off. I will now take a DNA sample from underneath the victims nail for examination of DNA as well as a sample of her blood.

Concepcion 2

I would now tour the crime scene and perimeter for evidence. While looking around the room there was a trail of dotted blood leading towards the window. The window happens to be three quarter of an inch open. I then had the forensics check for finger prints on the window, window seal, doors, stairwell banister etc. As I am walking around the house everything looks as if it was normal. There was no force of entry. It looks as if the female victim knew the...
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