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Robomaid RM-770 Automatic Robot

The Robomaid RM-770 is the robot I have chosen to write, for the term 3 robotics assignment. Throughout the assignment I will talk about the features I will talk about are the robots, history, application, impact on the world in terms of economy, labour and resources and both renewable and non-renewable

For 3 years the Robomaid RM-770 project has been in progress to allow vacuum cleaners to become for energy saving, eco friendly and lighten the workload of everyday housewives. The Robomaid RM-770 was first designed in August 28 2010; the robot was designed so I was able to navigate its way around a household in a environment that it had never been in before. It works by using 28 focused light lasers to measure precise distances of nearby objects. By rotating this laser at high speed the Robomaid is able to quickly build up a accurate map of its surroundings, whether it is in the complete darkness or under bright light. The robot takes readings in intervals of 1 degree apart, with the laser having a full 360° visibility of its surroundings the result is that the Robomaid RM-770 will have a detailed map navigating around households for easier cleaning with less energy used.

The Robomaid RM-770 helps the world in terms of economy by only using 15 watts for suction to be able to clean around the household at a high...

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