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Wireless Controller Robotic Arm using Arduino Uno

Abstract—This paper presents an innovative wireless robot arm gripper that replicates human arm motion. The development of this robot is based on the Arduino Uno that will interface with the wireless PS2 controller to the robotic part that replicated by the servo motors. The servo will moves the robotic arm, base and the gripper through 180° from the default position which is 90°. The S06NF STD servo motor has been placed at the arm part. It will move the robotic arm up and down while two C40R has been placed at the base and gripper as to move the robot to desired position and to open and closed the gripper. The robotic arm is designed to be a lifelike but simplified. The main idea of this mobile robot is use to pick and place hazardous object and also placing and picking object in a fastest and easiest way to be used especially in industry. The objective of this project has been achieved.

Keywords-component; Robotic arm; Arduino Uno; PS2 Controller. Introduction
Nowadays, robots are increasingly being integrated into working tasks to replace humans especially to perform the repetitive task. In general, robotics can be divided into two areas, industrial and service robotics. International Federation of Robotics (IFR) defines a service robot as a robot which operates semi- or fully autonomously to perform services useful to the well-being of humans and equipment, excluding manufacturing operations [1]. These mobile robots are currently used in many fields of applications including office, military tasks, hospital operations, dangerous environment and agriculture [2]. Robotic arms are mechanically controlled devices designed to replicate the movement of a human arm. The devices are used for lifting heavy objects and carrying out tasks that require extreme concentration and expert accuracy. The robotic arm most often is used for industrial and non industrial purposes.

For the industry purpose, the devices are useful especially in transporting large objects from one place to another. It is often are used in factories to assemble dangerous equipment. Robots can be made from a vast variety of materials and driven in many different ways. They can be constructed from heavy, sturdy steel or lightweight plastic, or some combination of materials [3].

The technology applied in this project was involving the controller used to control the movement of the robot and the main microcontroller of the robot which is Arduino Uno. This paper has divided into five sections. Section II describes the project description, section III include the methodology of the system which include the architecture, hardware and software development, and also electrical design. Sections IV discuss the result of the project and the conclusions are given in section V.

Project Description
Robotic arms are programmed robot manipulator with similar functions of a human arm. Several kind of high technology are available for doing the basic functions of human arm. Aim of our project is to develop a robotic arm which helps the industry people to ensure the smooth work progress in placing and picking the object and moved to desired location.

Anew kind of robot is being developed by this project, a wireless control robot gripper. It is capable of receiving a set of command instruction from the wireless PS2 controller and performs necessary actions. The receiver of the controller will communicate with the Arduino Uno and send the command as per required actions. The wireless controller and the robot has been interfaced with an intellectual Arduino Uno which it will takes the responsibility of reading and receiving commands from the PS2 controller and predefined tasks such as to move the arm in front or back, open or close the gripper, and move the base of the robot from left to right. The Arduino Uno is also been interfaced with three of the servo motors which is been operated in 180° in order to...

References: S. Bet Ge – Brezetz, R. Chatila, and M.Devy, Control and Localization of a post distributing mobile robot, in Proc IEE Int. Conf. robot autom. 1994, pp. 150 – 156
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