El Salvadorean Culture

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Siraj Birch
Mrs. Rodriguez
Pre-AP Spanish
19 March 2013
The Cultural Aspects of El Salvador
El Salvador, like many Latin American countries, has customs that have been practiced for centuries and have strong ties to the past in everyday life. It is the smallest country in Central America and is known for its beautiful beaches and its namesake food: papusas. What makes El Salvador different than any other Latin American country is its miniature size and the manner that people care for one another. El Salvador has a togetherness aspect that is hard to compete with; sharing food, Catholicism, and family being a normal part of the everyday life and culture.

Pupusas are handmade corn tortillas made by masa de maiz dough with different ingredients such as meat, cheese, jalapeno, etc. They are El Salvador’s signature food and is made throughout Latin America. According to epicurious.com, “Pupusas have their roots in the cooking of the indigenous tribes of the Americas,” These tribes that have lived in their customs for hundreds of years still impacts the Salvadorian people with this ancient food today and even expands farther outward; cooked by people all over the Americas.

Catholicism is the most common religion in El Salvador. According to nationmaster.com, El Salvador has 83% of its population identified as to believe in Roman Catholicism. That means the total in population is 4,971,000 Catholics in the year 2002 and that number is only increasing . Like most western countries, Christianity is the dominating religion. This is also true for all Latin American countries, making El Salvador similar to the other Latin countries.

Families in El Salvador are close together and, according to Stacey Lucas from ebscohost.com, “Sometimes three generations of one family live under one roof.”, and that “Often six or more people live in homes with only one or two rooms.” due to the crowded housing and the poor economic situation in El Salvador. The family is close...
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