Mexican Culture

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Mexican Culture

Every year my family and I take part in a Mexico Missions Trip that my church goes on, to help make a difference in the lives of others and their society. By doing this, my family and I get to see and learn a lot about other cultures and languages that people use to live by and communicate with. Viewing all of this at such a young age, has made more appreciative of things growing up and also helps me get a better global perspective. I am exposed to many new things and enviorments that most people would never experience in their entire life time. When going to other parts of the country and spending time living life in other people's shoes, you tend to start to feel a little bit of culture shock and begin to wish you were back home.

In Mexico there are many things that are different from living here in the United States. The one thing that stands out the most to me is their language. Not only do they speak Spanish instead of English, but they have very strong accents which make it hard to communicate with them weither or not you know Spanish. The natives of Mexico grow up with cultural transmission, making it easier for one generation to pass on their culture to the next. They use symbols to show particular meanings of things, which are recognized by other people who share the same languages and such in that culture. It is hard for me to get used to using their language because it is so different from ours, but by the time it is time for me to leave, i am just getting used to trying to understand and use the Spanish language and apply it to living in their every day life.

Another big difference that i have noticed from comparing their culture to ours, is their values and beliefs. People in different cultures use culturally defined standards to decide what is desirable, good, and beautiful and serve as a broad guideline for social living. People in every culture weither it be here in the United States or in Mexico, use values to make...

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