Egypt Essay

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Hyksos, Pharaoh Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Egypt Essay
Egypt is in Africa in the eastern hemisphere. The Egyptians had 3 major kingdom time periods, the Old Kingdom from 2850 BC-2200 BC, the Middle Kingdom from 2050 BC-1732 BC, and the New Kingdom from 1570 BC-1090 BC. These kingdoms had some major challenges. Their main challenge was being able to control everyone. The pharaoh had to have loyalty from his people. The Old Kingdom made up some rules to try and keep their people in order and keep the pharaoh as the main person in control. The Middle Kingdom the pharaohs began to lose their power so they had to get it back somehow, and in the New kingdom they finally did and they wanted to keep it that way.

The Old Kingdom had many ways of trying to keep their people loyal. One of the ways they did this was by telling their people they were descendants of the gods. This worked fairly well. The Old Kingdom’s power told their citizens that they were the chosen people. They should be the pharaoh and since the people believed they were gods, they listened to them. During the Old Kingdom they believed in an afterlife. Everyone wanted to follow the rules, so they could assure they would have a life after they died. So for the pharaohs to have control over the people, he told them if they didn’t obey the laws they would not have an afterlife. Since everyone wanted the afterlife this method worked well to solve the challenge of getting the people to listen to the pharaoh. The people wanted to please the pharaoh so badly that they built pyramids for the tomb of the pharaoh because if he was giving them a good afterlife he shall get one too. Another thing the pharaoh did to make sure the people listened to him was to tell them he owned all the land. This way if they did something he didn’t like the pharaoh would take his land away. These methods were very powerful for keeping the pharaoh as the main man. But as times change it became harder and harder to keep these people in line.

During the Middle...
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