Efficiency of TIP QC's ARIS
Topics: Philippines, Quezon City, Statistical significance, Student, University, Web portal / Pages: 4 (762 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2014

Technological Institute of the Philippines
938 Aurora Blvd. Cubao, Quezon City


A Project Presented to
College of Computer Engineering

Dimaandal, Larenze P.
Mantes, Mariejo Isabelle L.
Guzman, Lisgie P.
Ortega, Ivan Nino
Abelgas, Arnold
Sanguyo, Aris

February 2014

Chapter 1


Background of the study Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) is thereby constituted with different technological programs, works and machines. One of this is the ARIS, The Accreditation Registration and Information System which an online portal. This is responsible to make process of enrollment easy. This portal use as the students’ way to choose what course they like to enroll. It is where a student’s basic information is encoded. It also gives the grades of the student to know there standing on class. It is also downloadable through android phones, the “ARIS mobile” with same features and the difference is you are just using your phone.
During registration (enrollment process) at TIP, student should fill up forms and give their requirements. They are needed to gather information for their enrollees which are used during emergency and for personal identity. This information will be sending on the portal to be accredited as an official student of TIP. All information of one student is restored in this portal specifically on its Information system. During enrollment in 2nd semester ARIS where temporarily shut down. The bugs, small capacity systems and maintenance reviews are made to be problem. This leads to slow server connection. Outdated view of Grades that the students are keeps on saying “bakit? Ganito…di ko Makita grades ko” to their professors. Bad comments on the system are uttered by the students and even the professors.

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