The Effects of Working Mothers

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As more mothers are becoming employed, the concern of whether a mothers employment has a positive or negative effect on children and family is being questioned. This research paper reviews the effects of mothers' employment on a child's behaviour, education and the relationships within the family. It concludes that a mothers employment is indeed a positive aspect to families dynamic. Through research children with working mothers prove to be more smarter, and well behaved than children with mothers who are not employed. This research paper also shows that the relationships within the families are enhanced positively through a mothers employment.


As times change, families do as well. In the past 50 years Canada has seen significant changes in the family structure. The notion of motherhood as the sacred and primary role of women is no longer the norm, or ideal. The lifestyle of mothers and families today have completely changed (Hoffman, 1998). "Family sizes are smaller, modern technology has considerably diminished the amount of necessary housework and food preparation, women are more educated, marriages are less stable, life expectancy has increased and youthfulness has been extended, expectations for personal fulfilment has been expanded and traditional gender role attitudes have been modified and are less wildly held" (Hoffman, 1998) shaping the entirely of women's roles, as well as families. In todays time, mothers no longer hold full responsibility of the household chores, and the upbringing of the children. Instead the majority of mothers are employed and are a contributing asset to the families financials. This major change has raised the question: How does a mother working affect the children and family? Although widely viewed as a negative aspect to a family's dynamic, working mothers prove to have a positive effect on a child's education, behaviour, and relationships within the family.

The effects on a child's education

Working mothers have been proved to be beneficial for a child's cognitive development after the first year of a child's life (Sailor, 2012). A study showed when mothers worked during the earlier years of a child's life, there were negative effects on a child's thinking and behaviour due to the child not developing a proper attachment to their mother during the developmental stage of attachment (Sailor, 2012). If a mother is present during the first year of life, studies show a mothers job doesn't have negative effects on her child (Sailor, 2012). Children with employed mothers are found to have higher cognitive scores (Sailor, 2012) and receive higher test score than children with nonworking mothers on language, reading and math (Hoffman, 1998). Studies also find that boys and girls are affected differently by a mothers employment. Girls are shown to be less affected by a mothers employment. They appear to have more beneficial results through a mothers employment and to the alternate child care (Sailor, 2012). Studies also find that daughters of working mothers have an overall better achievement in academics, their career and commitment to their work (Hoffman, 1998). Boys on the other hand did better if the mothers care was replaced by a grandmother or close relative (Sailor, 2012). A mothers employment can also dictate what type of school the child goes to. Children with both parents working may have a financial advantage. Having more than one income in the household may allow the child to go to better school than children whose parents only have one source of income (Mann, 2012) Also when a mother is working, they usually send their kids to daycare. This insinuation is beneficial to a child because it builds socialization skills (Mann, 2012) Therefore a mothers employment through research proves to be a positive...
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