Family Is Changing

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Family is Changing, Not Deteriorating

Personally, I agree that the family is changing, not deteriorating. The traditional definition of family has evolved and is a much more modern approach. No longer does family only include a husband, wife, and two children.

As our text states, the issues with families have long existed such as single-parent homes, out-of-wedlock births, and divorce. Only now they are being recognized as an offense to family life. It is true that these things are much more common than they used to be but nevertheless times have changed. Family is still important to many people especially since the term “family” is extended to include more people. My cousin and her husband are foster parents and their roster of children is constantly changing. They still consider all of those children part of their family because they love them and have an emotional connection with them.

Those who think that family is deteriorating blame it on selfishness and “lack of commitment to the family.” I do agree that people are more self centered and concentrated on one’s own desires more than compared to the past but that is contributed to by the advancement of technology and the abundance of opportunities now available.

Another thing that has changed is woman and mothers in the workplace. Years ago many people believed the woman’s place was in the home. No longer is that the case. Some women are even making more than their male counterparts and instead of women being the homemaker, stay-at-home daddies are become more and more popular. Again, we can attribute this to change not deterioration.

Change in inevitable and families will continually evolve. I don’t believe that family is stronger than ever either because families face many more issues than before which unfortunately rips many of them apart. Also, families tend to not spend as much time with each other as in the past. Again, I see this as another characteristic of change.
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