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Balancing work and family is one of the most significant parenting challenges. The term "family friendly workplace" has meant many things over the past years. Family friendly policies and benefits are supposed to provide employees with resources that aid working parents in balancing family and work. Nevertheless, sometimes these policies and benefits are not always carried out.

Mothers are greatly affected by the strain between family and work roles. It makes it extremely difficult for mothers to stay in the workforce because of the current work structure inflexibility towards family. Working full time becomes hard if the mother want to spend quality time with her child. Since mothers are viewed by society as the primary caregiver, being a mother damages the reputation of a full time employee. It is common for mothers to be forced to work part time. Although part time work allows mothers the time they need for family, there are also many disadvantages in working part time.

Mothers who work part time give up the benefits, a portion of their wages, and opportunities for promotion. Part time workers do not offer any benefits such as health insurance, vacation, and retirement funds.Part time jobs do not provide working parents with options to improve their situation.

According to Judith Warner, "Only 24 percent of working mothers now work part time. The reason so few do isn't complicated: most women can't afford to because part time work doesn't pay." The jobs available tend to be low paying jobs such as retail and service industries. The money that is made from part time work is barely enough to cover child care expense and make it to the next pay day. Working part time doesnt make financial sense.

Many women feel discriminated against by their employers because they are mothers. According to Ellen Goodman article, You've been Mommified, "Mom were...
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