Effects of Tv Advertising on Pre-Teenagers

Topics: Infomercial, Television advertisement, Marketing Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: June 9, 2013

INTRODUCTION: Advertising is one of the many ways of communication today. This communication has paved its way back from early 1980s. It is so popular that it has its effects on every other person right from a small child to an old person. However, in my thesis, I would like to focus the impacts of TV advertising on children (especially in the age group of 8-12, or what we call them as pre-teens). This topic is of interest to both: firms and consumers. A simple example that takes place nearly in every household: A child is watching TV. Suddenly he sees an advertisement of Mc Donald’s displayed on the screen. Mc Donald’s is offering toys on the Happy Meal (one of the most popular products of Mc Donald’s). Immediately the child starts persuading his/her parents to eat at Mc Donald’s. After nagging for a while this is the following result: the whole family ends up eating a Happy Meal at Mc Donald’s. Advertising today, mainly emphasizes on the market of children. Many firms try to catch the attention of the children in order to sell their product. It is very easy for the firms to lure the children. These firms know that children influence their parents. Firms these days try to attract children; which in turn helps them to sell the product instead of approaching the parents. After all, children are the firms’ future consumers too. As consumers, this has such an impact on children that they insist strongly and ask for each and every product they would like to have. This is because these children are inexperienced consumers. Being pre-teens they are not eligible to decide what exactly will benefit or harm them. Nagging has become one of the strategies that children use knowingly or unknowingly to fulfil their wants. Parents thus find themselves in such a position that they cannot say ‘NO’ to their child. Also, recently this has been one way to get rid of the guilt that parents have in their minds as they cannot provide...
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