The Negative Effects Advertising Has on Children

Topics: Advertising, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: November 27, 2012
October 30, 2012

The Negative Effects That Advertising Has on Children

I have been watching television ever since I can remember and honestly, I do not mind watching a commercial here or there. Who doesn't love a great commercial? For example, some people only watch the super bowl for the commercials. Other people enjoy them to find out what new products are out there or what is in style. When it comes to advertising and our children, well, that is a whole different story. In Eric Schlosser's readings he states that, “Madison Avenue has been paying a great deal of attention to “kid kustomers” in recent years, pitching them everything from toys and candy to cell phones and automobiles.” I believe that advertising designed for children is misleading and it is unhealthy for our kids because it causes obesity and can have negative psychological effects on them.

I am a single mom that works and goes to school. I don't have a lot of time with my daughter but when I do, I try and make it quality time. With that said, on a Saturday morning, I will turn on some cartoons just so I can get things done around the house. It is not long after that I start hearing, “Mom, I want zhu zhu pets!” or, “Mom, I want cookie crisp cereal!” For

example, my daughter will be watching cartoons on a Saturday morning and a commercial for the “Aluma Wallet” comes on. The wallet seems to be designed for an adult and is suppose to be indestructible, waterproof, and compact. At one point in the commercial, a guy drives over his wallet to show the viewers how indestructible the wallet is. The commercial has nothing to do with kids what so ever, but do you think my daughter wanted it? Let's just say, it's on her Christmas list this year! Some of the commercial's our kids are subjected to are ridiculous. If I don't say yes to what she wants, she starts getting upset and raising her voice and then, watch out, here comes the tantrum! Eric Schlosser says, “Marketer's now...
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