Effects of Quick Service Restaurant

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Essay Map: Effects of Quick-Service Restaurant
Introductory Paragraph

Thesis Statement-A quick-service restaurant is a field of food service and it normally called as a fast food restaurant (Borrows, Powers, 2009). -In these modern life styles, quick-service industry has growing rapidly and this is because of the limited time that consumers have for their meal. -The major effects of eating at quick-service restaurants is the consumer’s health especially obesity and risk of getting cancer. Background Paragraph

Question to be answer in the paragraph

Support1)What is a quick-service restaurant?
2)When it started?
3)Why consumers eat at quick-service restaurants?

1)Quick-service restaurants or fast food restaurants is defined as a “general term used for a limited menu of foods that lend themselves to production-line techniques, suppliers tend to specialize in products such as hamburgers, pizzas, chicken, or sandwiches” by Bender and Bender 19993 (Abbay, Tiryaki, Gul, 2009). 2)It started 1941’s by Carl Karcher with a hot dog cart and In-N-Out, a California Institution in year 1948 (Barrows, Powers, 2009). 3)Consumers eat at quick-service restaurants because of the consumer characteristics. Fast food restaurants are quick, easy to get to and it serves a good taste of foods (Rydell, et al., 2008). Body Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence

Question to be answered in the paragraph


One of the effects of eating at quick-service restaurants is the obesity.

1)What is obesity?
2)How consumers can be obesity?
3)What can be done to avoid obesity?

1)Obesity means overweight.
2)Foods that serve by quick-service restaurant is high in calories and fat that cause obesity. 3)Consumers should eat less from quick-service restaurants and should concern about their health. Body paragraph 2

Topic Sentence

Question to be answered in the paragraph

SupportSecondly, the effect of eating at quick-service restaurants is the risk of getting...
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