Effects of Physical Development on Adolescents

Topics: Suicide, Adolescence, Hair Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Effects of Physical Development on Adolescents
Case study/scenario
Liza Garcia
Psychology 6215-2, Week 8,
October 30, 2011

Benjamin Lopez is a 14-years-old boy, with a thin body, a small stature although in recent months he has increased from two to three inches, he have long hair tied up with a pony tail, the facial hair, the acne in his face and the deepening of his voice, are characteristics of the pubertal transition from child to adolescent. According to Berk, (2010) some of the first sign of puberty in boys are facial and body hair, another landmark is the deepening of the voice as the larynx enlarges and the vocal cords lengthen. Benjamin lives with his mother and his 17-years- old sister Shakira. He had a difficult childhood because his mother was always working, she spends too much time in her job and he is always alone with his sister. She is supposed to help him in his homework but she never wanted, she says that that is their mother’s responsibility and not her responsibility, also she argued that she have her own school work. Benjamin’s sister is always talking on the cellphone and with her boyfriend and he had to make his own dinner and his homework. Benjamin is in eight-grade he is supposed to be in ninth-grade but he failed in seventh grade.

Benjamin, his mother and sister, lives in Baltimore, Maryland, when his father abandoned them, they immigrates from Honduras to USA and they never knew of him again, his mother is a hairdresser and works long hours in a beauty salon in the Downtown of Baltimore. After Benjamin's father's left the home, he became aggressive with his classmates. On that occasion the teacher referred Benjamin to the social worker and the social worker referred him to a psychologist, but as Benjamin's mother could not miss work because otherwise would lose it, she take him to the psychologist only twice and could not take him anymore. At the first visit, the mother of Benjamin told the psychologist that...
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