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La Rosa De Guadalupe: Deseos De Vivir

By catyria_lechaun Apr 20, 2014 535 Words
Debra Mitchell
Spanish II
Mr. Ivan
04 March 2014

La Rosa De Guadalupe: Deseos De Vivir

1. Translate the title of the video.
Desire To Live
2. Try to catch the names of the two main characters.
3. Describe the incident that shocked the inhabitants of the apartment complex. The Weeping Baby
4. Who was found and where?
A Baby and In A Pipe In The Apartment
5. Who are the parents?
Bonita’s Parents
6. Describe the mother of the baby in terms of age and social class The Mother Comes From A Low Economic. She Looks Like She’s 15 7. Describe the father of the baby in terms of age and social class The Father Comes From A More Efficient Class. He Looks 16 Years Old 8. Describe the makeup of the family of the baby’s mother

The Mother’s Family Is A Working Class. Full of Girls With Mind Sets Of Guys 9. What is the personality of her father? What type of dad is he? He Is Very Strict and Protective
10. Describe the makeup of the family of the baby’s father. More Affiant and Full Of Girls Also
11. How did they react to the news?
Both Were Mad
12. What did the boy’s father suggest as the best solution? Move Him To another School And Suggested That the Baby Be Aborted 13. What were the medical reasons for the failure of his plan? The Doctor Said That She Was Too Young For The Operation

14. What happened with the baby’s father?
He Left The Baby’s Mother After Finding Out She Couldn’t Go Through With The Procedure. He dated another girl at the new school 15. Who did the girl turn to for support and understanding?
Her Mom, Sister And Friend
16. What happened with the girl eventually?
She Confessed
17. Are you now able to reconstruct the whole chain of events? Yes
18. Who shows up the girl’s family’s door?
Two Social Workers or Police. The Second Time Was A Nurse
19. What are the social, legal and medical issues raised in his video? The Girl Did Not Communicate With Her Parents About Some Of The Issues. The Legal Issues was That The Boy Was Older and The Girl Was Very Young. The Medical Issue Was That The Baby Wasn’t Being Taking Care Of . The Girl Was Too Young. 20. Was the investigation successful? Did it go smooth or did the investigators have to face any obstacles? The Investigation Was Very Successful But They Had To Face Plenty Of Obstacles 21. When and where did the rose show up in the video?

When The Girl Mother Started Praying
22. What was its color?
23. In your opinion, what does it symbolize?
It Symbolize A New Start In Life. A Sign To Be Pure Again
24. How did the family members react to the news?
They Were Hurt And Shocked But They Reacted To The Rose As A Sigh Of Greatness and Happiness 25. Did the father’s attitude change after a while?
26. What mistake did the parents realize they had been making all along? They Realize They Couldn’t Be So Strict And The Mother Made Them Realize They Were Young. 27. What do you think is the moral of the story?

We All Make Mistakes

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