Physical Exercise Effect on Adolescents

Topics: Psychology, Strength training, Brain Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: May 5, 2010
Physical exercises is very important to the body of a normal human being as they have several benefits mainly for the aged people. Some researchers have examined how the human intelligence is affected by physical exercise. In the The executive function in human has been facilitated by the physical exercise. Although some exercises are very simple they are very important to our body because they can enhance our mental functions and development. Very many years ago during the time of the ancient Greeks there was a belief that the intelligent ability is highly affected by the physical exercise that a person takes. Evaluation of the relationship between the children intelligence and physical exercise has not been yet done (Kirkendall, 1986). From some researches that where done very recently, it was discovered that fitness is in terms of academic intelligence or achievements. In most cases the students who get very good grades in their exams are associated positively with physical exercises. According to the California department of education the kids who perform better in they academically are physically fit. Having daily physical exercises is very important will help a student to increase her reading skills, in mathematics subject and also in the science subjects. The time lost during the physical exercises doesn’t affect the performance of a student, but instead it helps boost their grade According to a meta-analysis that was done on 16 studies by the use of true experimental designs, there is a very great relationship between physical activity and the academic achievement of a student along a list of some measurements which include the intelligent quotient, the academic achievements memory and mathematics tests. The results after this study showed that all these categories are affected positively by physical activities except memory According to the finding, fitness may have a relationship with cognitive function. Fitness cannot provide any...
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