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Topics: Rubella, Cystic fibrosis, Congenital rubella syndrome Pages: 4 (1639 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Potential effects of different factors on development
I am going to write about the following factors and how they may affect the development of an individual. ·Rubella (Biological)
·Cystic fibrosis (Genetic)
·Smoking (Lifestyle)
·Poor Housing (environmental)
·Poverty (Socio-economic)
Rubella & CRS
Rubella is an infection also known as German measles. It is most common amongst children but may also affect adults. It is passed on through the tiny droplets in the air. If a pregnant woman catches rubella can cause serious damage to an unborn child especially in the first three weeks of pregnancy. If a mother gets rubella during the first sixteen weeks of her pregnancy there is a great risk of the unborn child developing CRS (congenital rubella syndrome). There is a risk of the unborn child developing CRS all through the pregnancy although after the twenty week point of the pregnancy the chances decrease. Physical – CRS will affect the developing organs of the unborn baby so there is a likely hood of the child being born with a serious disability. Other things that could be affected by CRS is the fact that the child could be born with a low birth rate, a small head, and jaundice and/or other heart, lung and brain abnormalities. A child with CRS is likely to develop cataracts and also things such as deafness and inflammations of wounds in the brain, liver, lungs and bone marrow. Children with CRS usually have a slower growth rate than average; they may also be born with multiple handicaps and also things like hearing loss, neurosensory impairments and cerebral dysfunction. If a child is born with CRS they may develop things such as pneumonitis, diabetes, thyroid gland problems and swelling of the brain. Intellectual – Intellectual development may be affected by CRS as someone with this condition could end up with multiple handicaps. This will affect them intellectually as they will need specialised teaching to suit their needs and these needs may not...
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