P2 Unit 1

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Potential Effects of Five Different Life Factors On The
Development of an Individual
By Jibon Ahmed
P2- Write a report which describes the potential influences of the following five life factors on development through life stages The five main life factors are:
* Genetic - Cystic fibrosis, Asthma, Huntington’s disease. * Biological - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Maternal infections, Effects of diet in pregnancy. * Environmental - Damp/overcrowding housing, Bullying, Family dysfunction * Life-style – Nutrition and dietary choices, misuse of substances, alcohol intake. * Socio-economic – Education, Values and attitudes, Employment. Genetics:

Genetic factors are caused through the genes of every individual. The factors that can be included are diseases that are inherited such as; Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington’s disease and asthma, also others that are known to be in a family. Conception to Birth:

Physical: Having asthma when a woman is pregnant makes it harder for her to breathe properly. She might have stages in the pregnancy where she has more problems with breathing, due to oxygen. So this might prevent her from physical activities like exercise. She may not be able to walk for a long period of time, because she would get tired easily. Huntington’s disease affects the way a person moves around. The disease destroys cells in the basal ganglia, the part of the brain that controls movement, emotion, and cognitive ability. Cystic Fibrosis is a hereditary disease of the mucus, saliva and sweat glands. It affects organs like; lungs, pancreas, liver and intestines. Intellectual: Asthma does not really affect the mother intellectually when she is pregnant, because she is still able to think effectively. Huntington's Disease is a brain disorder that affects a person's ability to think, talk, and move, so a mother who has Huntington’s is most likely to pass on the gene to her child making him or her do the same, this is a risk that some couples are willing to take. Some patients lose more than 25% of their brain cells before they die.

Emotional: The mother might worry that her child might develop the same disease that she has. It is possible that if the mother has asthma or Huntington’s disease that her child might inherit it too. It is also possible that if the mother has Cystic Fibrosis then the child would have it too. The child can also inherit it from the father too; it doesn’t just have to be from the mother. If one person in a couple has the Huntington’s disease a lot depends on the person who wants to have children, some think about if they should check if they have the gene or not. However some people do a test to see if they do and to see if there is a risk of passing on the disease to their children. Social: Having Cystic fibrosis, Asthma, Huntington’s disease might exclude a person from participating in group activities, because people think that you might not be able to do things. However they could go to groups where there are other people who have similar problems, and they could talk to people about it. Infancy and Childhood:

Physical: If the child also has asthma they might need to use an inhaler. Children tend to run around a lot so they need the inhaler much more. Especially when they start to go to school and they run around in the playground. Also the teachers in the school need to be made aware if the child has asthma. They also might not be getting enough exercise, because they might start wheezing for example if they do not take enough rests. Intellectual: During the young age the parents mind decide to tell the child about the disease that they have to make sure that they have an understanding of the disease and to know what the disease is. This is because it is important for the child to at least know what the disease is about. Emotional: Having asthma, Cystic fibrosis or Huntington’s disease can affect a child’s emotions because they might feel sad that they have the disease. They...

References: http://www.hipp.co.uk/expert-advice/pregnant-mums/a-balanced-pregnancy-diet?gclid=ckut5ycp0bqcfshhtaodmrkaea
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