Unit 2 p1 p2 p3

Topics: Egalitarianism, Religion, Discrimination Pages: 4 (394 words) Published: April 24, 2015
Task 1 – P1, Task 2 – P2, Task 3 – P3
Klieven Joern Chua

It is the state of being equal, especially in status,

right or opportunities. Treating some with respect
and giving someone the things they need and be
treated the same way normal people received. Most
likely the people with disability.
“Equality means "the state of being equal." It's one
of the ideals a democratic society, and so the fight
to attain different kinds of equality, like racial
equality, gender equality, or equality of opportunity
between rich and poor, is often associated with
progress toward that ideal of everyone being truly

A physically impaired person; mobility aided

person (wheelchair users), should be treated
the same way like normal people are treated.
Making sure that they can do everything like if
they’re going somewhere, ensuring their
safety by making big pedestrian lanes for
them to access easily with no hustle.

Differentiating is main key word in this term,

equality is treated by differing a person like,
their race, nationality, skin colour, eye colour,
culture, religion, sex orientation etc.

Working with different nationalities.
Coping up with ages differences
Being mature with different culture or might

be religion, respecting it.

A right is something which is morally right.

It is the freedom to do a thing which is all
humans have and entitled, these includes
rights in life, equality and a fair trial.

Everyone has the right to have stand like in

their decisions.
When using a bank, data should be protected
by the bank itself not giving any information
that might harm the client/user.

Discriminatory practices in
Andof Social
Covert and...
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