effective communication paper

Topics: Criminal justice, Police, Communication Pages: 5 (1476 words) Published: August 1, 2014

Effective Communication Paper
Miguel Rodriguez
University of Phoenix
Effective Communication Paper
Today in the criminal justice system effective communication is very important, and in this paper I will have included: what the process of nonverbal and verbal communication is along with the associated components, the differences between listening and hearing in communication, in criminal justice organizations the informal and formal channels of communication, barriers in the justice system of effective communication, and the strategies that can overcome communication barriers. This topic on this paper will also include brief examples and explanation of why the importance of having effective communication in our system today is very crucial. Effective communication involves a variety of steps, and the main objective of effective communication is to have transmission an idea within individuals to give a prime purpose of giving information. Being in law enforcement, communicating is an exercise mentally and an individual who is in the law enforcement has to have proficiency in receiving and sending information. In criminal justice organizations communication verbally and nonverbally are within our communities and within our agencies, and both nonverbal and verbal communications have an importance to provide a well functioned enforcement agency today. Communication verbally, focuses on a person and their emotions and languages to transfer a specific message to other individuals. The way it starts is when a law enforcement officer greets other officers before their roll call and then continues roll call even on the streets. Law enforcement officers around the community must have the knowledge on how to communicate, along with their superiors. Very important components to verbal communication are: the word and usage along with the content of the message. An example would be that an officer if communicating with a suspect, victim, or person they are speaking with. Education and language can crate between the understanding of a law enforcement officer and either an individual of a community. What is word usage? Well, word usage is repeating words and or verbosity from the law enforcement officer and will give help to an individual to receive the entirety of the message event if the individual is paying only half attention and that they don’t understand any words. Verbosity happens when using radios, so a law enforcement officer will make their message more clearly why because of the interference or the static that the radios cause. Communication nonverbally is either body language like jerky movements, eye contact, facial expressions, posture, and also written communication. A good written communication is police reports why, because every prosecutor uses these reports when giving criminal complaints. Law enforcement officers can go back to the police reports to refresh their minds so that when either having to testify in court, and months after they have that police report to rely on for what was the actual complaint at that time of incident occurred. Officers that are handling probation they use these reports on what type of punishment that they will give to the person that has probation. Another type of nonverbal communication is body language and body language is when a law enforcement officer can notice if a person gets nervous. So if an individual is nervous he or she might be lying therefore a law enforcement officer can ask any other questions so that they can obtain the truth. This is why nonverbal and verbal communication is very important in our justice system today and it cannot be taken slightly. Differences in Listening and Hearing

The very first step to communication is hearing, why because your ears can receive sound waves which then the waves get transmitted back up to the brain. So listening which comes after hearing, you have an active process and...
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