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Topics: Nutrition, United States, Obesity Pages: 3 (316 words) Published: October 15, 2014
1 Background
Methods of food consumption and dietary habits of humans have changed drastically over the course of time. In the United States (US), a study by the USA Department of Health and Human Services records a significant increase in daily calorie intake by men to be approximately 7% between the periods of 1971-2000. Women, on the other hand, increases by an astounding 22%. This results in an increase in obesity levels by 16.4% (United States Department of Health and Human Services, 2004). The rise in the number of people being obese is not limited to the US alone.

The Overseas Development Institute records an increasing trend across several major regions. Due to globalization, competition for jobs as well as pursing academic excellence, people are sleeping way shorter than what their ancestors did centuries ago. People slept routinely for 8-9hours a day in the past, however people are averaging less than 6hours of sleep per day (Park, 2009). Sleep recharges and rejuvenates us, allowing our body to repair damaged tissues. Owing to stress accompanied by our hectic lifestyles, a lack of sleep could result in major health problems as we age. A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercises, adequate sleep, as well as a healthy diet, in which the people of today lacked. 2 Idea Generation


Classification of Medical devices + brief elaboration
Motivation of choice (why wearable medical devices instead of others) Existing wearable medical device
What kind of products do we intend to develop to be different from existing products 2.
Functions of product we intend to develop (in detailed each of the functions + picture) 3.
Mission statement
Gathering Data
Interpreting Data
Organizing needs
Metrics and Units
Benchmark on metrics
Concept Generation (using a survey results to satisfy customer’s needs) – a few needed Concept Selection
Final Product...
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